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Provision of Lethal Weapons to Ukraine Would Be White House’s Serious Mistake – American Expert

08.08.2017 18:45

Charles A. Kupchan, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University, asserts that the possible decision of the White House on the giving of lethal weapons to Ukraine will be a massive mistake.

Most likely the result will be deplorable – an escalation in the conflict that would lead to further losses of Ukraine’s territory and compromise its political stability. The United States should not encourage Ukraine to engage in an escalatory confrontation with Russia. Washington knows full well that Ukraine cannot prevail, political scientist writes.

In his opinion, if Washington provides Kiev with lethal weapons, Moscow will have a legitimate right to accuse the US and Ukraine of intensifying hostilities.

Expert claims that sending lethal weapons to Ukraine has one further downside – it would cause a rift between the United States and its main European allies. Germany and France have been leading diplomatic efforts to find a diplomatic solution for Donbass – and both have long opposed sending lethal weapons to Ukraine because of its potential to escalate the conflict.

According to him, Europeans are already on edge due to Congress’s recent sanctions legislation, which imposes measures not coordinated with the European Union and that have the potential to cause undue harm to European companies. If Washington decides to head off on its own and send lethal weapons to Ukraine, solidarity on Ukraine may well come to end.

The settlement of the Ukrainian crisis is possible only by diplomatic means. Russia and the United States must find an acceptable solution at the negotiating table. Other ways to resolve disputes will only lead to further escalation of the conflict and deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington, expert resumed.