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Flight crash MH17: who is to blame and what to do?

21.07.2017 19:38

This week, July 17, it was three years since the tragic death of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in the sky over Ukraine. However, there is no convincing evidence of the reasons for what happened. Instead, the Western media continue to falsely accuse the the Donetsk rebels, who, in turn, receive aid from the Kremlin.

Away from the mainstream was not the popular Irish newspaper Irish Times. Recently, an article appeared on its pages, which contains another attempt to shift the entire responsibility for the plane crash to Russia. The author of the article notes that Moscow allegedly promotes "alternative" versions of the incident in the European information space, imposing an opinion on the "key role of Kiev" in the crash of the aircraft.

However, few people think about the competence of such "journalists" and the validity of their conclusions on these or other issues. The author of the article, the Dutch correspondent Peter Cluskey, apparently does not have reliable information and the necessary qualifications for investigating this catastrophe. This is confirmed, in particular, by most of his publications devoted either to the Middle Eastern subject matter or to the domestic political situation in various countries of the world (for example, in the Netherlands), but not to the nuances of the collapse of the Boeing 777. In fact, the above-mentioned article was the first for the journalist on this issue. And this attempt is not very successful...

So, Klaska's statements show deliberately false messages. For example, he claims that the results of the technical investigation established the responsibility of the rebels for the downed Malaysian Boeing. However, in the report of the Security Council of the Netherlands, only "an approximate area for launching an anti-aircraft missile" is mentioned and no specific charges have been brought against any of the parties to the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

If we talk about the general nature of publications in the Western media, then there is another "strange" tendency. The mainstream media continues to ignore the results obtained by the Russian side during the field experiments of the Almaz-Antey concern (the main producer of modern anti-aircraft missile systems). As a result, it was proved that the rocket of the "Buk" complex was launched from the area that army of Ukraine controlled.

Moreover, among the wreckage of the aircraft, striking elements of an outdated and no longer-used missile in the Russian army were found. However, this type of missile is in the arsenal of Ukrainian air defense now.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and European responsible agencies appear to be deliberately delaying the process of investigating the incident and still do not report more or less intelligible results. There is a feeling that the incident is deliberately "hushed up". Otherwise, how else can you explain such a "slowness"!

From this we can conclude that the lack of any evidence forces the Western media to invent new and increasingly fantastic stories. However, the attempts to blame the pro-Russian forces for the tragedy, as well as the extreme politicization of the investigation, do not give a chance for an objective explanation of the causes of the crash of the MH-17. It creates the impression that the culprits have been appointed...