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Russian Warships Conduct Military Drills in White Sea

19.07.2017 18:24

A combat group of the White Sea Naval Base has successfully conducted a sea battle against the "enemy" in the White Sea, head of the Northern Fleet’s press service, Captain 1st rank Vadim Serga, said.

"Today the anti-submarine combat group of the White Sea Naval Base has successfully completed defense exercises in the open sea and at their permanent location. During the exercises, the crews of the Onega and Naryan-Mar anti-submarine corvettes worked out the organization and defense of a vessel convoy. The ships’ crews also successfully conducted shelling drills during a training episode which staged a sea battle with an "enemy" surface ship", he said.

Earlier, the Onega and the Naryan Mar trained to search and destroy a submarine with torpedoes.

These Project 1124 (Albatros) anti-submarine corvettes were designed for search, detection, identification and destroying of submarines. They are equipped with two torpedo launchers, the RBU-6000 mortars, the Osa-MA anti-aircraft missile system and the AK-176 and AK-630 naval guns.