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US Policy Is a Serious Threat to World - German Politician

18.07.2017 19:28

The US is implementing a policy of destabilizing the situation in the world, which poses a serious threat to all humanity, writes ex-chairman of the Left (Left Party) Oskar Lafontaine on the NachDenkSeiten portal pages.

According to him, almost all Western media use the theses of "false American propaganda". The author calls for combating disinformation in social networks, thereby creating opportunities for a "prudent and peaceful foreign policy".

The politician considers the US accusations against Russia "absolutely ridiculous".

"It is the US troops that stand on the Russian border, and not the Russian soldiers are on the border of the US, Canada or Mexico. US missile bases are deployed in Romania, and next year another will appear in Poland. However, nothing is heard about Russian missiles in Cuba", the author writes.

According to Lafontaine, the destabilization of Ukraine was "the declared goal of American hawks who want to dominate the Eurasian continent according to the plan of former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski".

In conclusion, the author cites the ex-president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev: "NATO wants a real war instead of a cold war. Western politicians only talk about peace, but are actually preparing to attack".