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US Can Lose a Land War to Russia

17.07.2017 18:14

According to The National Interest, U.S. production of tanks has fallen to the lowest level in living memory. A grand total of 12 Abrams main battle tanks per year are coming out of the nation's last remaining tank plant in Lima, Ohio.

The U.S. Army thus faces a crisis in heavy armor as it races to catch up with Russia after being distracted for many years by the military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Although Congress is moving to increase spending on tanks, the modernization plan that the Trump administration has inherited from the Obama years would take nearly a quarter-century to upgrade the tanks in armored brigades to a more capable standard.

Meanwhile, Russia already enjoys a quantitative edge in regional armored forces. U.S. allies like Germany, France, and Italy each have less than 300 tanks in their active force, while Russia has thousands.

Now Russia is beginning to field a much better tank than the outdated vehicles operated by the U.S. Army and its allies. Dubbed Armata, the new tank will carry explosive reactive armor, active protection to intercept incoming antitank rounds, and radar to enhance targeting of enemy forces. U.S. Army officials admit that Russia has reached "parity" with western armored capabilities.

"It is no exaggeration to say that this disparity in capabilities could lead to U.S. defeat in a possible East-West war", authors of the article concluded.