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The Last Argument of "American Hawks"

17.07.2017 16:51

Some US media claim that US President Donald Trump allegedly underestimates the Russia's threat. According to journalists, Moscow seeks to undermine the unity of NATO, and also to unleash a cyber war.

Meanwhile, "American hawks" have long used this rhetoric. In their mouths Russia is referred to as the "evil empire" and former President Barack Obama even called the Kremlin the main threat to US national security after international terrorism.

However, this time the information campaign against Russia has more serious political overtones, as it unfolds amid the emerging dialogue between Russian and American leaders.

On the sidelines of the recent G-20 summit in Hamburg, Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump held full-fledged talks. As a result, the heads of state were able to reach compromise solutions on many controversial issues. Meanwhile, the essence of these agreements is that Washington agreed to implement international agreements on the settlement of the Syrian and Ukrainian crises.

It was after this that a new wave of "anti-Russian hysteria" swept over the American media. In addition, the "hawks" on Capitol Hill accused Trump of indecision, weakness and even "servility" before Vladimir Putin.

The hysteria of the conservatives in Washington is understandable. American global hegemony is rapidly weakening. And Trump is not guilty of this. The end of the Pax Americana is a natural historical process. But the "Hamburg compromise" of Putin and Trump gave this process political significance. Both leaders agreed that from now on the United States is only "the first among equals", having finished the thesis about the "exceptionalism" of the American nation in world politics.

At the same time, conservatives in Washington are not ready to surrender their positions "without a fight" overnight. They seek to explain the need for American hegemony with the "terrible threat" allegedly coming from Moscow. In their view, in the face of "Russian aggression", the Western world must maintain its unity under the US leadership.

However, "European vassals" are increasingly showing their own will, and most importantly – are learning to live without fear of a "reprimand" from Washington. And the call of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Europeans to take "their fate into their own hands" is a weighty proof of this. Besides, dynamically developing Russia, India, China, Brazil also do not want to submit Washington.

At the same time, sensible politicians in the US understand perfectly the new reality. Donald Trump only voices the "rhetoric of change" and expresses the interests of those who are ready to give up global hegemony in favor of leadership. And this is quite possible – no one disputes the economic, technological and scientific achievements of the American nation. And Moscow is ready to once again stretch out to Washington a "hand of friendship" in the fight against common challenges and threats. It is important that the United States does not miss this chance.