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Caspian Sea Fleet warships do firing exercises at sea

13.07.2017 18:23

Three Caspian Fleet fast attack craft – the Grad Sviyazhsk, the Uglich and the Veliky Ustyug – have completed training exercises to neutralize sea and air targets with missiles and artillery in naval drills, the Southern Military District’s press service told on Thursday.

"The crews have trained to carry out missile strikes against "enemy" ships from the Kalibr missile system. The missile strikes were carried out electronically, that is without actual missile takeoffs", the report says.

The sea units also hammered out anti-ship defense, during which seamen shelled from artillery mounts on sea and invisible shore targets. Besides, the ship strike group, together with the servicemen from the anti-submarine commando worked out anti-sabotage ship defense while anchoring at unsafe roadstead. The crews fired from the ships on a floating target and trained to throw grenades from hand-held grenade launchers, whereas the anti-submarine commando studied the underwater bodies of ships with the use of the Obzor and Osmotr undersea surveillance tools.