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Refusal to Participate in a Nuclear Deal Will not Be of Use to Iran – Russian Diplomat

12.07.2017 17:46

Withdrawal from the nuclear deal will bring no good to Iran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, who is currently on a visit to Teheran.

"I don’t think withdrawal from the deal can do any good to Iran. I would be an understandable and explainable reaction but it would be a less responsible reaction than the policy the current Iranian leadership is pursuing now. I understand the worries of our Iranian colleagues that the situation with the abandonment of the sanctions is not very good. Moreover, the United States’ new administration has thrice expanded its sanction lists adding more Iranian companies and individuals, as well as companies from third countries which are cooperating with the Iranian side quite legally", he said.

According to him, Moscow considers that such actions of the United States run counter to the provisions of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Moreover, the Russian diplomats have been saying this and will continue to say this, including next week when the joint commission of the six international mediators on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem with the participation of Tehran will gather for its regular meeting in Vienna.

"We see that US’s demands to Iran have become tougher in the recent time. But any agreement this or that way has certain gaps making it possible for each of the signatories to interpret it its own way. This must not be done with a goal of making the life of the other party more difficult. Otherwise, it may tilt the agreement and in the long run it may be called to question", resumed Russian diplomat.