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Russia-China Tandem Changes Balance of Power in World – Ex-CIA Analyst

11.07.2017 17:17

Official Washington’s arrogance in trying to push around Russia and China has pushed the two countries together, creating a dangerous new dynamic in international relations, asserts ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

According to him, Russian and Chinese leaders are busy comparing notes, coordinating their approach to President Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg this weekend. Both sides are heralding the degree to which ties between the two countries have improved in recent years, as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visits Moscow on his way to the G20. Whether or not Official Washington fully appreciates the gradual – but profound – change in America’s triangular relationship with Russia and China over recent decades, what is clear is that the U.S. has made itself into the big loser.

On the eve of his arrival in Moscow last week, Xi, in his interview to Russian journalists, focused on missile defense – an issue particularly important for Russia. Xi focused on U.S. deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missiles to South Korea as "disrupting the strategic balance in the region" and threatening the security interests of all countries in the region, including Russia and China. Chinese leader also reiterated that Beijing is urging Washington and Seoul to back off military pressure on North Korea.

A revitalized Russia and a modernizing China began to represent a potential counterweight to U.S. hegemony as the world’s unilateral superpower, Ray McGovern concluded.