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USA and NATO: When your main enemy is yourself

13.06.2017 17:41

The American and European mass media are actively discussing the 'Russian aggression' and Moscow is accused of everything from interference in the internal affairs of other states to a military invasion of neighboring countries. Moreover, the Kremlin's hand is seen even in the results of the most democratic US presidential elections.

For example, countries located on the Eastern borders of NATO, the main military alliance of Europe, more than others hype over the possible aggression from Moscow and thereby ask Washington to increase financial and military assistance to 'strengthen their defenses', although they themselves contribute almost nothing in Alliance's defense.

Today there another issue of a paramount importance that NATO has to face is financing. The new American president and businessman is trying in every possible way to reduce the share of American participation in financing the alliance and is putting NATO member countries in very hard terms. The main problem is that even the largest and most developed countries of Europe can't spend more than 2% of the budget on maintaining the Joint NATO forces. Recently Montenegro has joined NATO, and it will become an additional burden for the European economy, which is already facing crisis and is being pressed by Washington.

According to numerous experts, Donald Trump pursues an aim sell as much American weapons to European NATO states as possible. And the Western media are proud to praise militarism for the pursuit of security and protection. But let's compare: European NATO states spend in total about 250 billion dollars a year on defense, and Russia only about 70. Unequal amounts of money which give no reason to speak about the Russian threat. In this regard, there are suspicions about the misuse of military budgets and corruption in the military departments of the European countries.

Today, NATO faces numerous problems, and the main thing is the Alliance itself. The European economy is very closely connected with Russia's, against which United States imposed the sanctions and the political leadership of European countries supported them. Military leadership is following the Pentagon and groundlessly declares the need to increase spending on the armed forces every year, which further puts pressure on the economy.

Obviously, Washington consciously strives to take everything possible from the Alliance, easing the burden on its own economy. And who knows how much time NATO has and what new alliance under the leadership of the United States will come to replace it after the current one collapses.