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NATO’s Military Spending Boost Hamper Economic Development of its Member-States

06.06.2017 17:40

NATO’s increasing military spending is not so much contained Moscow, as inhibit social and economic development of its member-states, Russian Security Council Assistant Secretary Alexander Venediktov said on Tuesday.

According to the Russian official, The Western countries have lost a lot due to anti-Russian sanctions, according to the United Nations’ assessments that’s up to $100 billion. Such unilateral undertakings may only contain social and economic development of NATO’s member-states.

Moscow agrees with NATO that terrorism is the most serious threat to the international community. "For a long time Russia calls to unify efforts to fight against this evil", Alexander Venediktov stressed.

"Boosting military or other spending won’t solve any problem. It is also absurd to link this process to the supposed need to repel threats allegedly coming from Russia", he said.

NATO and Russia have many common challenges and threats, Venediktov pointed out. "It is time to switch from confrontational rhetoric to systematically taking into account security concerns of each other," he concluded.