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How Beneficial is Alliance with Turkey for Azerbaijan?

01.06.2017 17:25

The Azerbaijani leadership fears that the alliance with Turkey would bring the country more harm than benefit, The EurAsia Daily reported.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly surprised everyone with his unpredictability. He completely ruined relations with the European Union, practically forcing Europeans to close the doors for Turkey. Erdogan destabilized with the help of Islamists and invaded Syria, taking an active part in the bloody conflict in this country. Finally, the Turkish leader spoiled relations with the US, Russia, Israel, and then changed the foreign policy strategy by 180 degrees.

According to the EurAsia Daily, Erdogan very often speaks about the fight against terrorism. Under the pretext of the fight against militants tens of thousands of Kurds were killed in Turkey. Kurdish women, old people and children are also called terrorists and are being destroyed.

In this regard, the leadership of Azerbaijan is afraid that Erdogan betrays Azerbaijan when once again sharply changes his policy. At last, any interference by Turkey will immediately lead to intervention of Iran, which is geographically much closer to Azerbaijan.

Is it not time for the Azerbaijani leadership to recall the words of Prince Limon from the good tale of Gianni Rodari: "God save me from my friends. I can protect myself from my enemies".