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Syrian sappers noted efficiency of Russian equipment

24.05.2017 17:46

The Syrian sappers note efficiency of the Russian equipment, which is using in mine clearing in the settlements of the province of Aleppo freed from fighters, the lieutenant Mahomed Yazan declared.

"All my subordinates were trained in the international antimine center (in Syria) and now they have a perfect knowledge about all methods and ways of detection and neutralization of explosive objects including land mines of high power. The special equipment provided by the Russian colleagues repeatedly increase efficiency of our work", Yazan told journalists during mine clearing of the Aran settlement in the eastern part of the province.

About eight thousand people lived in Aran settlement before fighting started in Syria. It was released half-month back, but it is still dangerous for inhabitants. The officer showed to journalists the ammunition neutralized by his subordinates, in particular, a land mine with a presumable power of ten kilograms TNT equivalent. According to Yazan, this ammunition is equipped with the vibration sensor therefore could work because of a passing car.

The lieutenant notes that the Russian equipment allows sappers to feel safely at detection and elimination of similar ammunition, as well as protective suits provide performance of necessary works "with a jewelry accuracy".

"Sappers with the help of Russian-made equipment neutralize per day on average up to one hundred land mines, extensions, unexploded ammunition and explosive objects", he explained.