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Head of US Special Forces: American servicemen are exhausted, among them there are many suicides

18.05.2017 18:54

"The US Special Forces are not able today to maintain the current intensity of operations carried out in many countries of the world today, fighters are psychologically exhausted, among them there is a big percent of suicides", chief of the US Army Special Operations Directorate, Raymond Thomas, at the hearings in the Senate said.

According to the general, "8,000 fighters of US Special Forces serve in more than 80 countries of the world today and they are on an edge of fighting. At the same time, 55.3% of servicemen are in the Middle East, 17.3% in Africa and 12.7% in Europe. About 500 special forces are in Syria", he said.

Since April, 4 soldiers have already died in Somalia and Afghanistan. Over the past year, 20 servicemen were killed.

He noted that "Special Forces fight against the terrorist groups ISIS, Al-Qaeda (both banned in Russia) and Al-Shabab, and also prepares for possible operations in North Korea and missions in Eastern Europe." Such activity causes more and more stress.

Legislators share the general's concern. They also believe that a myth is being cultivated in the US army, as if only Special Forces solve everything. And army commanders increasingly rely excessively on attracting Special Forces on any occasion, in fact, shifting their tasks to them.

Thomas did not mention the number of suicides: "I do not want to go into terrible statistics, but we suffer."

According to the media, the total in the US Armed Forces last year was 275 cases of suicide (for comparison, in 2012 - 321 cases).