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Russia is developing advanced medium class drone

15.05.2017 18:20

The group "Kronshtadt" has come up with a pilot project of a medium class vertical takeoff drone "Fregat", the group’s CEO Armen Isaakian told.

"We have already confirmed the technical parameters of the medium class drone of the Fregat family using scale models, carried out research and development in the field and delivered a pilot project. In a word, we are fully prepared for the implementation phase," he said.

"The way I see it, it is very low for now. Regulatory matters, security, the availability of technologies and the product’s economic parameters are the main reasons for this," Isaakian said.

The Kronshtadt group has conducted research into a heavy drone for a long time.

"The company has worked on this theme for quite a while. Over the years we have achieved a lot in terms of composite materials, onboard electronics and avionics, control and communication systems, ground points, payloads and software," Isaakian said.

For the first time a high-speed off-airfield drone was presented at the MAKS-2015 air show. It is meant for reconnaissance and the delivery of cargoes.