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Abbas: Russia Plays a Key Role in Achieving Peace in Middle East

12.05.2017 17:21

President Vladimir Putin and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas held talks in Sochi on May 11. The main theme of the talks was the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"The Palestine-Israel conflict can only be a political, negotiation-based solution based on international rights. I would like to underline that the peaceful coexistence of two states of Palestine and Israel is the indispensable condition to provide true security and stability in the Middle East", said Putin.

Mahmoud Abbas stressed that the settlement of the Middle East conflict is impossible without the participation of Moscow. "We believe that the fight against terrorism and extremism is an international responsibility. We are committed to that and we believe that giving our people freedom and independence will remove the nucleus from extremism, and will help to provide a foundation for peace and security in our region", said Abbas.

At the same time, Palestinian leader focused on the issues that today hamper peace in the Middle East. In particular, Abbas brought up the issue of the 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails currently on hunger strike.

Besides, Putin and Abbas participated via video link-up in the opening of a multifunctional cultural and sports centre in Bethlehem, which Russia built for private donations.