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Meshkov: European Economy depends on a constructive dialogue between EU and EAEU

11.05.2017 17:42

The cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the European Union (EU) is necessary for the implementation of big projects on the European continent, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksei Meshkov said Thursday on the sidelines of the Valdai discussion club meeting, TASS reports.

"We clearly support a gradual rapprochement and harmonization of processes between the European Union and the EAEU. As the EAEU develops we will definitely pass over more and more competences to the supranational level, which is why I don’t think it is possible to promote any big projects on the European continent without establishing a dialogue between the EU and the EAEU", he said, adding that "so far this process is going rather slowly".

According to Meshkov, Brussels has given an equivocal reply to Russia’s proposals, "though certain representatives of big European states are fairly well aware of the need for this kind of cooperation".