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Russian SAMs are able to bring down the Tomahawk missiles after all

10.05.2017 19:06

The American online magazine China Topix believes that surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems such as the S-300 and Buk are unable to shoot down the Tomahawk cruise missiles (B(U)GM-109E). Making a number of questionable and harsh arguments observers also added that Russian-made electronic warfare (EW) systems such as Rychag-AV cannot resist this type of weaponry.

The authors cite the recent case when most of Tomahawk missiles hit Syrian airbase as an irrefutable proof of the low efficiency of Russian air defense systems. However, experts are clearly cunning. The Russian Federation did not strike back and there are some reasons. Politics is one of the main reasons, since a response to US military actions could entail a big international incident that could escalate into nuclear war. There is a common knowledge that Moscow only protects in Syria its own facilities, and the military leadership of the Russian Federation was earlier informed that the main target of the attack is Syrian Airbase locally named Shayrat. It would be pointless to use an air defense system, because the US Navy released an unthinkable and unjustifiably large number of missiles for only one target. Washington acted like a rasping-up stupid girl. It is only natural that in this case the Russian SAM could not completely strike back.

However, most people still wonder why not all US missiles hit the target. A number of American experts are concerned that the aiming devices of most Tomahawk missiles were down by external influence. In particular, the editor-in-chief of Veterans Today Gordon Duff believes that the cruise missiles were knocked down by the newest EW system Rychag-AV, which can be installed both on Mi-8 helicopters and on ground equipment or small boats. The fact is that this system of EW has its own 'library' of military objects, self-learning software that analyzes weaponry of a potential enemy. At the same time, the expert says that the EW is not an absolute 'antidote' against cruise missiles.

The version of the Veterans Today editor-in-chief is quite interesting, but it is still far from reality. First of all, he missed the fact that Rychag-AV EW system operates mainly against anti-aircraft missile systems and the Russians would not simply use it against Tomahawks. Thus, 'China Topix' misleads us again, arguing that such systems are 'practically useless'.

One cannot so stupidly underestimate the power of Russian SAMs. There are S-300's deployed in Syria which has also good capabilities against cruise missile attacks. It is capable of intercepting warheads at a speed of up to 5 kilometers per second and destroying them at a maximum altitude of 30 kilometers. That's why the S-300 is capable of defeating the subsonic missiles like the Tomahawk, as well as ballistic missiles.