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Russia headed the global rating of military power by the number of tanks

21.04.2017 17:03

According to the Global index of military power, Russia was included into the three of the strongest armies of the world, Focus reports. At the same time by the number of tanks she was ahead of all other opponents, having become the state with the biggest overland army. A total of 126 countries are included in the rating. When calculating the index, more than 40 different factors were taken into account; however, the number of nuclear weapons was not taken into account, the author of the article points out.

The United States took the first place in the general rating, followed by Russia, China, India, France, Great Britain, Japan, Turkey, Germany and Italy. The armies of Madagascar, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina were the weakest in the world.

It's not surprisingly, due to only one number of soldiers (2.3 million), China took the third place in the list, the journalist argues. Although the volume of the country's weapons is impressive: 9,150 tanks and more than 700 ships. Russia has 15 398 tanks, which makes her an unconditional leader in this respect, and her land army is the strongest. Only the USA with 8,848 tanks, 13,444 planes and helicopters, and a military budget of $ 581 billion were able to overtake Russia in terms of military potential. As for defense spending, the Americans are ahead of their nearest opponent China by $ 400 billion, the author emphasizes.

Germany took the ninth place, and did not even become the most powerful army in Europe, continues the publication. France was ahead of her in it. Britain was in sixth place in the global ranking.