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Britain's Election: a lie is always pleasant to hear, unpleasant to realize

20.04.2017 18:46

Britain's intelligence services are ready to counter any attempts by Russia to influence on the results of the early parliamentary elections scheduled for June 8 this year, the Times reported. As the main threats, London considers propaganda and cyberattacks. According to Western experts, the main efforts of the Kremlin will be aimed at supporting "loyal candidates", in particular, Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin.

Recently, Western politicians abound similar accusations against Russia. These fairytales are instantly picked up by the media. Apparently, it's already became an information mainstream accompanying large-scale political events in western countries. The upcoming early United Kingdom's parliamentary elections are no exception.

Now in Britain there is an extremely difficult internal political situation. Positions of Prime Minister Theresa May are very fragile. To implement her policy she needs strong support among the population and the majority of political forces. Obviously, Theresa May and her team's members are not sure of success. For this reason, the British establishment found in advances the guilty in its defeat. In Western capitals it has become fashionable to justify its own failures by the intervention of external forces, primarily Russia. Moreover Russia and Britain are geopolitical opponents, their views on most of the problems of world politics differ significantly.

Finally, "a lie must be convincing in order to believe in it". If politicians in Western countries do not hesitate to resort to frank speculation to achieve their goals, then their advisers should take care of the availability of "reinforced concrete arguments". However, the "evidence" of Russian interference is very inconclusive and incomprehensible. Rather, it shows the confrontation within the ruling elites, in which West isn't interested at all. It's easier to blame Russia, which tries to bring into power loyal politics instead of solving it's own political problems.