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Russian propaganda of common sense in the Balkans

19.04.2017 17:12

Various politicians, intelligence authorities and experts in both the US and Europe have sounded the alarm on Russian "aggressive" propaganda efforts. The issue is widespread, but the Balkans are particularly vulnerable, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

"Moscow finds in the Serbian society the major supporter, her influence is felt on the territory of all Balkan region", the head of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee David McAlister said.

It is clear, that the history of Russia is closely connected with history of the Balkans. The Balkans is inhabited by Slavic people with a similar culture and language. Serbians, Bulgarians, Montenegrins and Macedonians are Orthodox Christians.

Moreover, for many years Russia was the defender country and the patroness of the Slavic and orthodox people. In the eternal struggle against the Ottoman Empire, Russia always supported the Balkans. Therefore, it is not surprising that sympathy for Russia is still strong in the region. This sympathy is not the result of Russian propaganda; this is the result of real actions which once brought freedom to the Balkan people.

However, the West, criticizing Russia's actions in the region, systematically expands his influence. For the sake of gaining new sales markets Europe and the United States, with the approval of local elites, but not the ordinary people, involve the Balkan countries in the integration organizations operated by them. The Serbian population does not forget the treacherous bombing of their country in 1999. It also should be noted that with assistance of the West the Kosovo problem was created, and now this rebellious region has became "a black hole" where prostitution, trading in human organs, arms trafficking are widespread.

The expansion of NATO in the Balkans can not be viewed by Russia as a benevolent act. However, now Russia has many other global military and political tasks, for example, in Syria. And these Russian actions must provide security and stability in the world. Therefore, "sparking" new conflicts in the Balkans is clearly not included in Russian list of priorities. And to be honest, even with Russia's big desire, it would be difficult to resist the whole massif of the Western "white" propaganda in the Balkans.