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The new American strategy in Libya: divide and rule

17.04.2017 16:11

This week The Guardian has published the map of Libya when it was divided in three states as of April 26, 1963: Tripolitania in the West, Cyrenaica in the East, Fezzan in the South.

One of the junior advisers of the U.S. President for National Security Sebastian Gorka, applying for a post of the special envoy of the U.S. president in Libya, drew a scheme of this project at a meeting with a high-ranking European diplomat.

Now neither the White House, nor the president Trump have commented on this report in any way. It remains unclear whether Libya will have any value for the new U.S. President Donald Trump. However both for some representatives of the American establishment, and for Egypt and Persian Gulf states, Libya, with its largest hydrocarbon reserves in Africa, remains a "tidbit".

In turn, the new Italian foreign minister Andgelino Alfano rejected the idea about dividing Libya, and also declared that it had to be made within process of the peaceful settlement coordinated with the Libyans and the agreements adopted under the auspices of the UN in the Moroccan city Skhirat in December, 2015. According to the Italian minister, any division of Libya poses a serious threat for Italy. After fall of Gaddafi regime in February, 2011, Libya became one of most important "exporters" of illegal immigrants and fighters in the Mediterranean.

Mattia Toaldo, a Libyan expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank, said about Sebastian Gorka: "This is like a litmus test of how much you know about Libya. If the only thing you know is that it was cut into three, then it shows you are clueless about the situation in Libya."