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Who and Why Still Needs MH-17 Investigation?

01.10.2016 16:20

An international team investigating the "Malaysian airlines" MH17 crash in Ukraine (Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Ukraine) presented a report with the preliminary assessment of the tragedy's causes. According to the document, the aircraft was struck by a missile from an anti-aircraft missile system "Buk" from an area near Pervomayskoye village which at that time was under "pro-Russian separatists" control. This raises old and gives new questions.

Why has the accident' investigation took more than two years, and the authorized bodies have not yet completed their work? As the report is only preliminary. What is its purpose then?

In the document, the authors refer to "expert studies, eye-witness testimonies, data taken from mobile phone networks, satellite images and radar data." However, instead of specific evidence they provide a dubious interception of telephone conversations, some infographics, and a video with technical details and details confirming the "Buk" version. However, this may sound quite convincing for inexperienced readers and viewers.

But what about other hypotheses? "The version that the airliner was shot down in the air by a military aircraft, has been looked into," but on the basis of radar data, testimony of witnesses and data it was recognized untenable. and again, no evidence.

In addition, the report states that the investigation team "has sufficient radar data obtained both from Ukraine and Russia, giving a complete picture of the airspace over the eastern part of Ukraine." Meanwhile, the experts claim that russian data did not affect their conclusion.

The report raises too many questions to be truly objective, professional and affluent. Moreover, it does not provide answers to questions that strongly concern experts and relatives of those who died in the crash.

Still not clear why the Ukrainian government has not closed its airspace?

Why did the plane deviate from its oroginal route?

For what purpose was previously the Ukraine's aerial defense grouping created in the aircraft destruction area?

Why NATO and Ukraine have not declassified their radar data?

And finally, why is the nvestigation of the accident being delayed?

Many experts, military and technical specialists who are familiar with the situation, believe that this report on MH17 crash has neither serious factologic, technical nor professional base. They are convinced that the investigation is being delayed artificially thus recieving a strong political context.

Indeed, the content of the report contains little facts, but instead strongly promotes the thesis of Russia's guilt. Document publishing date also draws attention. Tension between Washington and Moscow has reached another critical point. The White House desperately requires Europe to extend anti-Russian sanctions, tries to maintain its influence in the Middle East, and keeps the upcoming Russian 2018 presidential elections in mind. Therefore, the United States need another "painful" news to weaken their rival. And once again MH17 fulfills its role. that is exactly why the investigation is being postponed. A tragedy for the vicims' relatives. After all, they are fed up with propaganda and simply want to know the truth.