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Project "Khan Girey": Turkey wants to regain Crimea

17.06.2016 15:35

Turkey and Ukraine worked out a plan to occupy Crimea by doing subversive actions. And certainly U.S. government keeps eye on it. It's known that Washington strived for making Crimea one more NATO base.

Kherson province is to be named Khan Girey, probably after Turkish sultan. The Ukranian politician Refat Chubarov, loyal to the president of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko, suggested the idea before. Then the province, according to Turkey and Ukrane, should take about 200000 Meskhetian Turks. They are likely to come from Turkey. Certainly, it could be used then as a human potential for subversive, terrorist actions against Russia in Crimea.

That is a condition of the deal made between Poroshenko and Erdogan. What are their next steps? Turkey is going to use Khan-Girey like a foothold and a base to commit terrorist acts in the neighbor Russian Crimea. The goal is to explode social and political situation in this region. According to Poroshenko and Erdogan, Crimea should be annexed from Russia again. But in this case it should be jointly used by Turkey and Ukraine. It's a common knowledge that Ankara has been dreaming for long of occupying Crimea again, which was lost during Russian-Turkish wars.

Moreover, Turkey and Ukraine formed at least two battalions aimed, according to Chubarov, at actions during "reoccupation" of Crimea. He directly speaks of it during interview for Ukrainian media. The units are reported to be financed by Turkey.

So, Erdogan has nothing to loose, he faces so many problems at home with undermined economy and kurds' issue and still focuses on Syrian conflict. That is why he would prefer to use Ukraine for achieving long-term strategic goals. In the long run, the project "Khan-Girey" would add greatly to his weight in Turkey.