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Russia Offers EU Revision of Bilateral Relations

16.06.2016 10:09

Russia has offered the European Union a comprehensive revision of bilateral relations and is waiting for the conclusion of EU internal consultations.

The envoy noted that Russia hopes for a productive cooperation with the bloc, noting that European elites have already realized the necessity of the bilateral relations normalization.

"We have offered our EU colleagues to conduct a comprehensive revision of the relations, first in the internal format within each of the parties, and then discuss the results jointly. By the way, more than half of the federal ministries and departments are engaged in the work with the European Union. We are waiting for the EU to complete their internal consultations and will be ready for such a conversation," Chizhov said.

Relations between the European Union and Russia soured after Brussels imposed several rounds of economic sanctions against Moscow for its alleged role in the conflict in southeastern Ukraine. Russia has refuted any allegations of involvement and advocated for settling the conflict between Kiev forces and southeastern Ukraine's pro-independence militia peacefully.