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Blame for Russia Aimed At Obama?

14.06.2016 14:19

As quoted by an American news portal an unnamed US official blamed Russia for violating the so-called new START arms treaty. Thus the State Department arms verification bureau spokesman Blake Narenda declined to discuss the matter, citing treaty secrecy rules.

Furthermore, the House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry said that this "potential" New START verification problem highlights the larger issue of the Obama administration's poor record in pressing Russia to abide by its treaty obligations.

"Whether it's Russian violations of the Open Skies Treaty, the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, or multiple violations of the INF treaty, this administration has proven singularly unconcerned with arms control compliance," Thornberry told the Free Beacon.

"The Obama administration's record for responding to arms cheating by Russia is weak. The State Department, which is in charge of monitoring treaty compliance, hid Moscow's violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty for several years to avoid upsetting its arms control agenda."

All this means that this issue, That both parties cannot prove to have taken place, is simply another stone thrown by the American hawks at their "soon-to-leave" President Obama.

Meanwhile, in February, Secretary of State John Kerry hailed the fifth anniversary of the New START treaty as a "landmark" arms control accord.

"New START is more important now than when it went into effect. It gives us the confidence and level of oversight we need— and could not otherwise have— by allowing U.S. inspectors unprecedented access to Russian nuclear facilities," Kerry said.

At the same time US and NATO have not only been consciously raising their conventional potential in Eastern Europe, but also looking to improve their nuclear capabilities.

Europe had and continues to have a series of storage facilities for US nuclear bombs (in the UK, Germany and Italy, and similar stores in Turkey). About 400 tactical nuclear warheads. Traditional nuclear bombs are not very effective today; NATO would first have to break through Russian air defenses, which have demonstrated serious successes in recent years.

Therefore, the Americans are placing elements of their missile defense system in close proximity to Russia. Most recently, the US opened their 'anti-missile' defense base near the Romanian town of Deveselu. Here they've already delivered 24 Standard-3 missiles, but it is well-known that their universal Mark-41 launchers can be reloaded with Tomahawk nuclear-armed cruise missiles. And these are no longer defensive but offensive weapons. Furthermore, cruise missiles are the most effective way to break through air defenses. A similar base is planned for deployment in Poland in the coming years.

Thus any disarmament initiatives launched by US hawks pretending to be 'doves of peace' serve merely as an instrument to weaken their opponents. The Pentagon is making every effort to deploy its missile defense system and upgrade its nuclear weapons; meanwhile they propose that Russia stop. Everyone knows how the US reduces their strategic forces; they simply remove the warheads from the missiles and store them at their bases. It's obvious that if necessary, these can be snapped back together and deployed.

To sum up, it seems obvious, that this is simply a political matter, and speaking frankly - an American home policy matter which is to blame for some 'undisarmed' Russian 50 year-old nukes.