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UK Promised PMs double Salary To New Nuke Chief

20.04.2016 10:44

The British Defense Ministry is seeking to hire a director general for a new organization intended to bring the country's most ambitious nuclear programs under a central organizational umbrella. To attract possible candidates, the department has vowed an official salary twice that of UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Jon Thompson, the Minister of Defence's (MoD) former secretary, revealed to the Global Government Forum that the actual sum is likely to be higher, suggesting that it could reach 300,000 pounds. If so, the salary of the future head of the UK nuke organization would be over twice that of Cameron, who officially earns some 142,500 annually.

The executive's duties will include managing the future organization's 3 billion budget, along with an additional 40 billion to be allocated over the next decade to develop the country's nuclear program. Those projects include the construction of new nuclear missile submarines and Astute-class hunter-killer submarines, as well as upgrading the existing nuclear infrastructure.

The MoD requires, according to the job offer, "modern, innovative ways of doing business, where individuals accept responsibility for decisions and we weed out duplication, red tape, waste and delay."

The new and as-yet-unnamed nuclear organization was introduced in 2015 as part of the Conservative government's Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

Under SDSR projections, the organization would be a "single sponsor for all aspects of the defence nuclear enterprise, from procurement to disposal, with responsibility for submarines, nuclear warheads, skills, related infrastructure and day-to-day nuclear policy."

Applications will be received for the position until the end of April. Final interviews are scheduled for the week beginning June 6.