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Citizens of Montenegro against NATO membership

27.03.2016 20:06

A few days ago the countries of former Yugoslavia saw 1999 NATO aggression victims commemoration day. People carried photos, flowers and toys to memorials of the events happened 17 years ago. Several thousand civilians were killed, more than half a million were left homeless.

Even after Yugoslavia ceased to exist, people do not forget the NATO crime. Montenegro, one of several new states, was part of Yugoslavia, see civil protests. The Montenegrins do not support the desire of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to enter NATO. People organize demonstrations in order to show their attitude towards the policy of the head of state and his government.

A meeting was held in the center of the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, on March 24. People honored the memory of victims. On that dark day people gathered in the center of the city to commemorate the victims of those terrible events. They once again tried to draw the government’s attention to the idea that even the thought of Montenegro entering NATO is impossible. During the rally the citizens showed their negative attitude to the desire of Djukanovic.

Opposition leaders noted that the country's leadership has no legal or moral right to "drag" Montenegro into NATO. People claim for organizing a national referendum on the issue of their state’s entry into the Alliance, but the government prefers to ignore the legitimate demands of the citizens. The opposition activists are also trying to draw attention of the European and world mass media to the problem of human rights violations in Montenegro, as well as to show that the authorities disrespect the democratic rights and freedoms of the citizens.

Montenegrins continue struggling for their future without NATO – an organization that destroyed their country 17 years ago. Today, the leaders of the Alliance, whose air force used radioactive bombs with depleted uranium, are trying to prove to the Montenegrins that it wishes only the best, therefore they "invited" Montenegro to enter the organization. Obviously, people will do their best to prevent the country's entry into NATO.