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Discontent Citizens Show Red Card to Djukanovic

25.01.2016 18:02

On the morning of January 25 Montenegrin riot police cordoned off the boulevard in front of the Assembly (Parliament of Montenegro). Protective measures have been taken in anticipation of a special session of parliament, gathered to hold a vote of confidence in PM Djukanovic's government. For the PM and his team to stay in power, it's necessary to be supported by at least 41 deputies.

In this connection, the opposition political coalition "Democratic Front" organized an anti-government rally in front of the Assembly. Tens of thousands of Montenegrins dissatisfied with the policy of the current Cabinet took to the streets. They called the parliament to vote for the resignation of Djukanovic of Montenegro, and give the people the right to decide the country's future, and "don't do it on Western partners' orders." The opposition also demands establishing a transitional government and to hold fair elections.

On January 24 the Montenegrin opposition held a preliminary action, during which the leaders of "Democratic Front" (DF) handed out green and red cards for "popular vote" to the protesters. Thus, the demonstrators intend to express their opinion on the vote of no-confidence in the government.

Despite the fact that Assembly's session has completed, the results of the no-confidence vote have not yet been announced, the opposition and citizens supporting it continue their rally in front of the parliament. Deputy chairman of the "New Serbian Democracy" party Strahinja Bulaich said that voting results will be known tomorrow.

"We will continue our protest activity on the streets, we shall wait for results and reactions of other opposition parties. Depending on the outcome of the vote in parliament "Democratic Front" will announce its further actions," - said Bulaich. One of the steps that the Montenegrin opposition are going to take is to establish practical cooperation with members of the Assembly who do not support the policy of the current government and will vote "against" Djukanovic and his team.