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Mass Demonstrations Planned In Montenegrin Capital

25.01.2016 13:26

A mass protest rally against the current government led by PM Milo Djukanovic. The demonstration will begin today at 11:00 local time (13:00 MSK) at the building of the Assembly (Parliament of Montenegro).

Opposition rally organized by the activists of "Democratic Front" (DF), is timed to coincide with the vote of the Assembly on the issue of trust in the government. In order for the present government to remain in power, Djukanovic need at least 41 votes.

According to preliminary estimates, tens of thousands of citizens disgruntled by Djukanovic's regime will gather in the central square. Earlier, a preliminary demonstration was held on January 24, where DF leaders of handed out voting cards to the protesters so to the people could express their attitude toward the Montenegrin authorities.