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Montenegrin Church Against NATO

23.01.2016 16:00

An extremely difficult political situation persists in Montenegro for several months. Mass demonstrations demanding the resignation of the current government broke out with renewed vigor after the country received an official invitation to NATO on December 2, 2015.

On the eve of New Year residents gathered in the center of Podgorica, with only one requirement – to give people an opportunity to decide the country's fate. The idea is to organize a national referendum on Montenegro's accession into the alliance. However, their voices have not been heard.

New Year and Christmas for the Montenegrins are very special holidays. Thousands of Orthodox Christians attended temples and took part in solemn services during those days. On the night of January 13, citizens celebrated the Old New Year. Prayer service was held by Amfilohije Radovic the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Coastlands, and after his speech it became clear that the country's clergy, as before, is in favor of the people and against "the destructive actions of the government." "Today's government does not build its policy on reconciliation between brothers, but rather stirs up vendetta, which the Holy Petar Cetinje fought against", - said the Metropolitan.

Amfilohije's words brought together not only the participants his prayer, but also expressed the position of the majority of citizens, because Christianity is one of the most widespread religions in the country. More than 465,000 people are considered Orthodox Christians that makes 75% of the population.

Today Montenegrin clergy particularly acute understand the problem caused by the course, held by the local authorities. Church remembers how the alliance, so that Djukanovic is so eager to join, was killing innocent citizens of Yugoslavia in 1999. In an interview Amfilohije said that "NATO bombs fell on the territory of modern Montenegro - in Danilovgrad and Cetinje, 11 children were killed in Murino." According to him, it is clear that to achieve its geopolitical objectives the alliance openly tries to ruin the modern Slavic unity. "What kind of power rules over Montenegro, if it agreed with criminals who, along with NATO have ravaged and robbed our country of Kosovo and Metohija? They have betrayed the bones of our ancestors" - indicates the Metropolitan.

Montenegrin Church is also worried by the prospect of breaking long-standing historical ties with Russia. "How is it possible that Montenegro decided to join NATO? Against what and who will the Montenegrins fight? Against Russia? But this is madness! The whole history of Montenegro has always been the history of brotherhood and cooperation with Russia. And now Montenegrin authorities go along with economic sanctions against Russia! Most of the population is against sanctions. But in pursuit of their personal interests, the Montenegrin authorities decided "to wage war" against Russia. Could those sanctions scare Russia? Montenegrins laugh: What are Montenegrin sanctions against Russia? - When Montenegrins will stop playing gusli! "- said Amfilohije.

By associating the people of Montenegro with evil and preventing them from protesting Djukanovic and his government adheres to the principle: "If I see no evil, hear no evil and say nothing about it, I'm protected." The country's leadership does not want to realize that they are the ones who are evil, and thus the people naturally and rightly oppose it. And now the Montenegrin clergy has joined them. Perhaps it will help the authorities to see the possible terrible consequences of their own policies.