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The true "caliphate" of terrorism is called "Erdogan"

18.12.2015 16:38

Rodrigue Khoury, president of the Levant party, Lebanon

About ISIS, I believe that ISIS and the other fundamentalist groups are supported by a big power called Turkey. The true "caliphate" of terrorism is called "Erdogan".

To understand the ideas of these people we have to read their ideologies, their writers, their scholars...

They don't have borders, they don't believe in "states" or democracy and they divide the world, according to their dogma, into 2 parts: "land of Islam", land of peace, ruled by chariaa (Islamic laws) and "land of war", land of the non-Islamic governments. They believe that "Allah" gave them the right to fight all people, to establish "only one Islamic government in the world".

Our war against terrorism is first of all, a cultural, ideological war. They destroy churches here, kill and kidnap people. But they are nothing without the Turkish support.

EU refused to accept Turkey. So, they convince Turkey to find its "political role", its political influence in other region: in the Middle East. It was a part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years ago, has the same Islamic identity. So, Turkey begins to play its role...

It supports the "Islamic organizations" to replace the Arabic regimes by other "Islamic regimes" allied with Turkey, and situated under the "Turkish umbrella". 

Why did Erdogan visit Egypt a little bit after the "Muslims brothers" took the power and why did he make such an "Islamic" speech in the "opera house in Cairo? (September? 14 2011)... The Turkish Prime Minister personified the Egyptian islamic revolution with Mehmed II, who was known as the conqueror of Constantinople. He said: "You are similar to a Turkish hero , a hero who (destroyed) the "black civilization in the history to build a new and great civilization after his invasion to Constantinople, I mean: "Mehmet II, the conqueror " who invaded Constantinople." 

Can you imagine the ideology of this person in the 21st century, glorifying the conquests and considering the "Byzantine Orthodox civilization" as a "black civilization in history" ???!! Can you imagine what kind of leaders is he? Can you consider him as "moderate"? And what is the difference between his speech and the speeches of "Al Qaida"? or "ISIS"? 

The audience, with a great number of members from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), warmly responded to the speech, especially when the Turkish Prime Minister quoted Quranic verses and Prophetic Hadiths. The attendants chanted: "Egypt and Turkey – one hand," and "Oh, leader Erdogan, unify the Muslims!"

The Turkish are searching for their role and they want to make the same thing in Syria and the whole region. Erdogan did'nt forget that it had been a region governed by "Turkish Ottoman Empire".

Now we ask: the negotiations to release the kidnapped Lebanese in Syria 3 years ago took place in Turkey and they were released only after kidnapping 2 Turkish pilots... Why the nuns of Maaloula were released only after negotiations with Turks? The kidnapped Lebanese, after their release told us that every day, during their staying in the terrorist prison a Turkish officer came to visit them!!!

After the liberation of Kessab, the Armenian historical town in Syria we found Turkish guns, Turkish ambulances, Turkish cereals and Turkish uniform.  Why Turkey can convince the terrorists to release someone??!!!! It is so clear!!! Because of the support... 

The Turkish secret services are training, financing the terrorists ... Moreover, many of the fighters are Turkish, and the guns are "made in Turkey".

Why Turkey is more hostile to Israel? They are trying to be "popular" in the Islamic world. Because the United States want  Turkey to lead the Islamic world. And they prefer Turkey, because it is a member of NATO...

I believe that the threat of terrorism now must be faced by a united front, including the USA, Russia,  the West and some Arabic states like Egypt...

Comparing the Russian air strikes with the Western ones... The difference is very clear: now the fundamentalists are in decline and the pro-Russian front is in advance in the region...

But the Christian towns can be targeted. So we have to be ready to fight. We strive a lot for the Russian help.

We know well here that the Western airstrikes are making a "show" with no effectiveness. The people say here: "The Western airplanes target the terrorists in the morning, but they help them in the evening".

The Christians in the territories occupied by ISIS are obliged to convert to Islam or to be displaced, or to pay the taxes called "djizia", only because they are Christians. They are restoring old rules and treating Christians as slaves...

We have to fight for our existence and we believe in God and Russia...