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New Russian Military Hardware In Service

15.12.2015 10:50

The Russian Defense Ministry published a report on its website on the military hardware which has recently entered service with the Russian Armed Forces.

In 2015, the military has undergone serious modernization never seen before in its modern history.

The army received 1,172 new tanks, including the cutting-edge T-14 Armata, 250 aircraft, including two Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers and three Tu-160 strategic bombers.

Six missile regiments equipped with Yars systems were put on combat duty with the Russia Strategic Missile Forces. 95 percent of Russian missile systems have combat operational status.

The naval strategic forces have also bolstered its military capabilities. They received the Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh nuclear-powered submarines.

Russia has also deployed 35 new ballistic missiles. The nuclear triad equipment is currently upgraded by 55 percent.