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Russian Strategic Missile Forces to Receive New ICBMs in 2015

01.12.2015 14:12

Russia's Strategic Missile Forces will receive more than 50 modern pieces of weaponry in 2015, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and launch platforms, Strategic Missile Forces' press spokesman Col. Igor Egorov said Tuesday.

"More than 50 modern pieces of weaponry, military and special equipment, including intercontinental ballistic missiles, autonomous launch platforms, mobile command centers of missile units and division, battle control support vehicles, engineer and camouflage support vehicles will be received in 2015 in the final stages of rearming the Russian Strategic Missile Forces," Col. Egorov said.

The military spokesman also said that 2016 would see an increase in the number of snap combat readiness exercises.

"Moreover, in 2016, the Russian Strategic Missile Forces will continue the practice and considerably increase the number of snap checks on combat readiness," Col. Egorov added.