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Global Terrorist Threats: Problems and Solutions

18.11.2015 11:01

Global terrorist threats: problems and solutions


The latest terrorist attacks in Paris that led to more than 300 victims, caused significant reaction all over the world. There were numerous statements from heads of states and governments, media coverage and experts' assessments.

Certainly, the main Russian reaction expressed to French people was nothing less than deepest condolences. Besides, there were a lot analytic assessments and expert conclusions.


Lessons unlearnt

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said at the G-20 summit in Turkey that all the world leaders went on speaking that we should create a broad counter-terrorist coalition. But the Russian leader pointed out that nobody was shedding light on its features. The problem consists in the fact that there are two existing coalitions each with their own participants, goals and approaches. Thus, just one united coalition is needed with just one goal - to uproot terrorist cells and infrastructure and prevent further attacks against Europe which is really vulnerable now.

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov at the meeting on the Syrian settlement in Vienna, November, 14 commented Bashar al-Assad's statement, saying that terrorist attacks are the result of policies implemented by Western Europe. Lavrov said that "we remember Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In both cases, West said that they will remove the "dictator", and the country will prosper."

West had made rough military-political and diplomatic errors in the Middle East. That goes without saying. Iraq and Libya are clear examples of interfering with sovereign state's affairs. One can't forget that the appearance of Islamic state has been caused by US and its allies intervention into Iraq and as consequences - Al-Qaeda entering this country. So, it's high time the West learns its Middle East lessons.


Concrete urgent steps needed 

After the latest terrorist attacks in Paris and in Egypt against Russian plane it's clear that there are ISIS and an-Nusra cells in Europe and in the Middle East states. The terrorists are well-prepared, well-equipped and integrated enough in the local societies to look like peaceful citizens with European passports. Besides, ISIS and probably other terrorist groups have sent their members along with the flow of migrants to Europe. So, they will greatly strengthen the existing terrorist cells. The director of the Center for Middle East and Central Asia Study Semen Bagdasarov stresses that under international military press the terrorists who have real combat experience are sure to come back from Syria to their homes and to European countries as well. All this makes the terrorist threat more real and dangerous.

The president of Russian informational-analytical centre "Religion and society" Alexey Grishin calls to mobilize the society and start opposing ISIS ideologically. Otherwise, in his opinion, "we will lose this war."

The head of the Institute of the Middle East, Evgeny Satanovsky considers that France is very vulnerable, and faces the threat of more possible terrorist attacks. He focused on a great amount of illegal arms in the country, extremely liberal laws and insufficient general security measures.

The president of Veterans Association for the Alpha counter-terrorist special ops group Sergey Goncharov says that the latest terrorist attacks in Paris appear as a well-prepared operation. He underlines that it was necessary to select or recruit men, make explosive belts, prepare arms, transport, communications, maps, data and financing. According to him, ISIS has all these resources aplenty.


Russia and France are to start real anti-terrorist cooperation

Certainly, Russia is on high alert after the terrorist act against its passenger plane with 224 people on board over Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said November, 17 that the terrorists should be eliminated. He said that "we would find them anywhere - no matter where they are hiding." Besides, he asked the Russian foreign affairs ministry to address all the partners to help in punishing the terrorists.

So, today November, 17 Vladimir Putin and the President of France Francois Ollande spoke by phone and agreed to intensify cooperation and operative coordination between security services of both countries during the operations, being conducted by Russia and France in Syria.

Moreover, Francois Ollande is to visit Russia on November, 26 to discuss anti-terrorist measures and other topical issues with Vladimir Putin. According to Francois Fillon, it's long overdue to cooperate with Russia. So, the cell of united ant-terrorist coalition is to strengthen soon…


Getting rid of reactive approach

The international terrorism is a very complicated phenomenon that has a long history, its own roots and sophisticated reasons. That is why reactive measures, although urgent and correct, are insufficient. It's necessary to get rid of reactive approach in fighting terrorism. According to most experts, the preventive approach is much more effective. But good security services' work, strict migration and borders control and other steps alike are not able to solve the problem.

It's desperately necessary to understand why such a phenomenon exists. This way, strategically thinking we will see, that globally and in each and every European state there are deep internal problems which make terrorist ideas attractive. For example, global political, social and economic protest caused by the understanding that the modern world order is unjust and the only way to change it is armed fighting, fighting for better life. Certainly, there is a great platform for manipulation.

But there are very practical things as well. Thus, the head of the Republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadirov focused that he personally had conversation with Chechens who joined terrorists to find out the reasons that made them do it.

Apart from all the conclusions made, it's extremely important to know the reasons and roots of terrorism in every single case. On the long run, we could effectively cope with the global terrorist threat only by sticking to such preventive approach.

The latest terrorist attacks in Paris and Egypt against Russian passenger jet turned to be a signal for making correct conclusions, though unpleasant, but frank, on the roots of terror and its popularity. Besides, without united anti-terrorist coalition it would be impossible to end ISIS and other terrorist threats because their  combat cell structure lets them easily strike powerful countries from the inside and spread their influence of fear all over the world.


Russian peacekeeper,