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Kerry: We Plan to Coordinate Actions in Syria With Russia

02.11.2015 17:06

US State Secretary John Kerry said in an exclusive interview with a Russian television channel that Washington plans to coordinate its actions in Syria with Russia when sending its servicemen to the Arab Republic.

Kerry told MIR TV channel that the US wanted to broaden its cooperation with Russia, but it depended on Moscow's decision concerning the Syrian political settlement.

"Of course, we plan to coordinate our actions with Russia, but we don't want to be limited to only this. We wound want to cooperate more, but it depends on Russia, on its decision with regard to the political aspect of the Syria peaceful settlement."

On Friday, media reported that the Obama administration would deploy up to 50 commandos who would be stationed in northern Syria. Two small US teams will assess the security situation on the ground and coordinate with local Syrian forces, according to media reports.

He added that recent talks on the Syrian crisis settlement in Vienna had been very productive.