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ISIS Kids: Stolen Future

29.10.2015 02:13

As a result of successful offensive of the Syrian government army and Russian Air-Space Forces' (ASF) precise air-strikes, the "Islamic state" terrorists and other illegal armed groups in Syria are clearly suppressed and forced to change tactics and even fall back in neighboring countries' territory.

Unable to resist the offensive of the Syrian troops, supported by Russian  ASF, ISIS militants and their supporting forces (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey) decided to intensify the information war, aimed at the West and regional countries. Moscow is now charged with deaths of civilians, including women and children. Thus an old and tested method is applied - to accuse an opponent of your own sins.

The expert of the Institute of the Middle East Alexander Ignatenko reveals the terrible details of ISIS propaganda in "Documented notes to answer the charges against Russian ASF in the murder of children during air-strikes against "Islamic state" in Syria."

According to Ignatenko, terrorists are actively preparing children to participate in combat. Indoctrination in the spirit of "Islamic state" is carried out in special schools ('madrasah'), for example, at the "Institute of Amir Abu Musab al-Zarqawi." In this "school" children are taught to cut throats among other things. And in the "Institute of Sharia Sciences of Shaheed Abu-Ubaid" geven girls are educated and trained as fighters and suicide bombers.

Those children, who do not attend school, receive terrorist education while watching the brutality of the "Islamic state" in occupied cities. Young recruiters are actively involved in this practice and its promotion.

"Russian peacekeeper" asked a child psychologist Maria Chernova to comment on this situation. She said that after such a "brainwashing" the child's personality is destroyed, moral compass is confused, children are deprived of their future. According to her, it would prove practically impossible to bring them back to normal life.

Alexander Ignatenko believes that a network of training centers for children operates on all of the territories controlled by ISIS and other terrorist groups. In Mosul (Iraq) camps alone four thousand children of different nationalities are being trained. "Graduates", now hiding faces behind masks, are equally good at using small arms and cold weapons and are well prepared to commit acts of terrorism against Syrian armed forces, as well for probable transfer to other countries, including Europe for sabotage.

Obviously, given the current demographic situation such migrants are a real time bomb for Europe. It will be difficult both technically and psychologically to identify terrorists among children. Therefore, EU may quickly face a real terrorist underground on its territory. Children-saboteurs can disable important administrative and industrial buildings or even conduct large-scale terrorist acts that could demoralize society.

The growth of this threat makes it necessary to speed international community's steps to create a really broad coalition to combat terrorism in Syria and Iraq, whose purpose would not be creating conditions for undesirable regimes' overthrow, but destroying ISIS manpower and infrastructure. Otherwise, Europeans will have to fight terrorism on their own territory.

In addition, as Alexander Ignatenko emphasizes, the Hague International Criminal Court needs to start a process against war crimes committed by "Islamic state" and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq against children.

However, on this issue has another aspect - responsibility of the outside forces that interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries. It is, above all, the United States. Washington speaks about fighting against ISIS, but directly or indirectly, through Arabian monarchies and Turkey supplies weapons to the so-called "moderate" opposition (the Americans still have not explained what it is) in Syria. In fact, it provides weapons to terrorist groups, such as "Dzhabhat al-Nusra", which is a cell of "al-Qaeda", and which has its own terrorist training camps for children. Again - double standards and irresponsibility which the US administration unsuccessfully tries to hide under the veil of diplomatic 'efforts' and informational warfare.

Such flagrant violations of international humanitarian law put up another acute and urgent problem. Why the civilized Western society, so anxious about observance of democratic norms around the world, still has not noticed these inhuman, brutal and despicable crimes against children? Perhaps because it is directly responsible for the creation region of military-political and social conditions that made such heinous crimes possible.

The price of such short-sightedness or malice may be too expensive for Europe. And as always, the United States will remain on the other side of the ocean...