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New Polish Government Wants NATO to Send More US Troops to Poland

28.10.2015 10:24

The newly-elected government in Warsaw would like to see NATO deploying additional US troops to Poland as opposed to more German troops, former Polish Ambassador Bogdan Goralczyk said.

NATO and the United States, Goralczyk noted, will remain crucial partners and the new government will only strengthen those ties even further. "Poland with PiS [Law and Justice Party] would like to have even more NATO and US — not necessarily German — soldiers on our territory," Goralczyk said on Tuesday.

On Sunday, the nationalist Law and Justice Party won Poland’s parliamentary elections, winning nearly 38 percent of the vote. Goralczyk explained the ascendant government's initial focus will be to prepare for the next NATO Summit gathering that will take place in Warsaw in July, 2016.

The Law and Justice party supports a greater NATO presence in Poland and has signaled opposition to resettling refugees from the Middle East into the European Union.

On Monday, US State Department spokesman John Kirby said the United States intends to maintain its strong partnership with Poland after the country’s newly-elected government officially takes the reins in Warsaw.

Bogdan Goralczyk was Poland’s Ambassador to Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines, and served as the Foreign Minister’s head of cabinet. He is currently a professor at the University of Warsaw’s Centre for Europe.