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Who supplies ISIS with weapons?

24.10.2015 20:38

"Turkey supports ISIS - stated the co-chairman of the International Union of Kurdish Public Associations, a member of the National Congress of Kurdistan Merab Shamoyev. - Military, political and financial assistance were provided to ISIS acroos the Turkish border. It is no secret that Turkey bought oil from ISIS very cheap, and struck the Kurds' positions under the guise of anti-ISIS campaign. Turkey's plans to fight Kurds with ISIS' hands crashed, and now it is trying to lay blame on its ally - the United States. In late January, speaking about the battle for the Syrian Kobani, Erdogan said: "Unfortunately, three C-130 aircraft dropped what was necessary, but half the cargo fell into ISIS' hands. So who then supplies the insurgents?" According to Shamoev, some modern weapons fell into the hands of terrorists on Iraqi territory.

During the battle for Kobani, Iraqi and Syrian Kurds have repeatedly said that they possess video data, indicating the Turks are assisting Islamists by transfering arms, ammunition, and even reinforcing ISIS troops through a check point on the Syrian-Turkish border.

In early June 2014 ISIS launched large-scale military operations in northern Iraq, in a short time seized vast areas and announced a campaign against Baghdad. Today, a third part of Iraq and half of Syria are under ISIS' supervision.

On the area of aprox. 40 to 90 sq. km large Iraqi (Tikrit, Mosul, Falluja, Tal Afar) and Syrian (Raqqa, the headquarters of the IG) cities are under ISIS control. Occupied areas are home to 8 million people, mostly Sunnis.

A map published in the jihadist network has become evidence of ISIS' intentions and plans. It demonstrates the real and planned state of Caliphate in the next five years. It includes all Muslim countries without exception, including Iran and Palestine, as well as "territory occupied by Muslim infidels" - countries of the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, the caliphate claims western Asia and Europe (Spain, Balkans, Romania and Austria), as well as "Muslim territories" of the Russian Federation.

The main reason of ISIS success is the United States' long-standing and passionate desire to destabilize domestic situation in Russia and overthrow Putin. The United States have done everything for ISIS to strengthen and join in the fight against al-Assad Syrian government.
That is why today, ISIS has more financial and material resources than Al-Qaeda. In the past Gulf monarchies  (Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) also provided broad material support to ISIS. Terrorists received a large sums from banks in Mosul and other Iraqi cities that they captured, as well as from selling artifacts from occupied territories. ISIS' oil barrels sells for 30 US dollars each, which is 2 times cheaper than the price on international market. As a result, ISIS has about 3 billion dollars each year simply from trade.

Unending supply of arms is one of the components of ISIS' success. A UN comission monitoring compliance with the sanctions regime against Aal-Qaeda and its affiliated organizations published a report last year saying that "weapons possessed by ISIS and "Dzhebhat al-Nusra" were captured from Iraqi and Syrian armies, or otherwise unlawfully obtained, primarily via routes passing through Turkey. "

But the Turks protested: "We believe the UN accusations in the mentioned report against Turkey are groundless," - said a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry Tanya Bilgich at a briefing in Ankara.

In late February, the site "News of Israel. Israel 24" published a statement of the President of the Iraqi National Security and Defence Committee, Hakim Al-Zamel that Iraqi army hit two British aircraft loaded with weapons designed for ISIS. This was given reference via the website of the Iranian Supreme Religious Council and many peripheral news agencies, but the world's media did not comment on the news and did not deny it. They simply kept silent.

MGIMO Specialist no Infromational wars Igor Hohlov believes that US supports "Islamic State" through its partners in the Middle East - Qatar and Saudi Arabia. ISIS receives arms and money through their hands. The head of the political commission of "Hezbollah" in Iraq, Hussein al-Ramahi confirms that weapons and ammunition boxes seized from ISIS have markings indicating that they belong to Saudi Arabia.

US risks by supplying weapons to ISIS. Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran, Brigadier General Masoud Jazairy, openly says that since the forming of the coalition US Armed Forces supplied ISIS troops with weapons and uniform.

Syrian international journalist Abbas Juma said that "whomever the Saudis, Turks and Americans have sponsored, whomever they had given weapons it is dispersed all over the Midlle East in any case." He believes that we should expect the appearance of various portable anti-aircraft missile systemы, which can significantly change the course of anti-terrorist air strikes in Syria and Iraq. The director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia Semen Bagdasarov confirms this: "Do not be surprised if the militants will not only have manpads, but also some more or less mobile air defense systems. And these supplies will be carried out from Turkish territory."

Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin also believes that the Arabian monarchies and Turkey have not cut off supplying weapons to the Islamists, but vice versa - are currently intensifying the process. "And not necessarily by land - one can continue droping weapons from the air" - he explains.Methods of weapons' delivery and actual criminals are secondary. What's primary is the US' interest in prolonging the conflict and strengthening the bloody chaos.

George Friedman, founder and CEO of "Stratfor" private intelligence and analytical company - the main body that advises to the White House, Pentagon, CIA and US State Department, said at a meeting with US analysts in Chicago: "The Islamic state is a problem for the US, but not a vital issue. We must deal with this problem, without making any efforts. And nothing more."

The issue of supplying arms to the Islamists is particularly important against the background of the recent meeting between Assad and Vladimir Putin. According to data obtained by Emirati newspaper "Al-Rai" from a source close to President Al-Assad, during the negotiations, the Russian leader declared his readiness to confront "any country that supplies rebels with anti-aircraft missile systems" that can jeopardize Russian aircraft cunducting air strikes on behalf of the Syrian leader. This warning should be enough for the sponsors of terrorism to finally think about the consequences of their actions.