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Malaysia Waits MH17 Investigation Over

15.10.2015 14:13

Russian ambassador in Kuala Lumpur Valery Yermolov said Thursday that Malaysia’s position on the investigation of the crash of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine last year entails "not pointing fingers" at anyone until the final results of the probe have been released.

On Tuesday, the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) published the findings of its probe into the July 2014 crash of a plane belonging to Malaysia Airlines, which found that it crashed as a result of the explosion of a Russia-made surface-to-air Buk missile near the left part of the plane. The Board did not specify who was responsible for launching the missile.

"The (Malaysian) position, to outline it briefly and concisely, was that and is that they do not intend to point fingers at anyone until all investigations are over, until corresponding commissions have made their conclusions and their reports have been presented," Yermolov said.

An international task force responsible for investigating the crash of flight MH17 invited Malaysia to participate in the probe with the aim of promoting the establishment of an international tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy at the UN Security Council, Russia’s ambassador to Malaysia said.

"As Malaysia is the only member of the task force that holds a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, it was used as a 'pusher.' Malaysia put forward an initiative in the Security Council on the resolution that was vetoed by us," Yermolov added.

The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Ukraine, and Malaysia form the task force conducting a criminal investigation into the crash. In July, they proposed setting up an independent tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the incident.