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No More Secrets About MH17 Crash

14.10.2015 14:58

Russian experts have clarified the causes of the tragedy Malaysian Boeing-777 that crashed on July 17, 2014 in the skies over Ukraine. The crash of the MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, occurred in the eastern Donetsk region in the area of armed conflict by government forces and militias. Сitizens of 10 countries were on board - 283 passengers and 15 crew members, all of them died.

The use of a "ground-to-air" or an "air-to-air" rocket was one of the main versions for the cause of the crash. Ukrainian authorities and representatives of the self-proclaimed  Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) blamed the incident on each other. The UN Security Council on July 21 demanded to conduct a full and independent investigation. This authority was given to Netherllands. Moscow has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the way the investigation is carried out and stated that the data provided by the Russian side is ignored and only the findings of the Dutch commission are taken into account.

Data obtained by Russian experts was presented on October 13 at a press conference held in Moscow. "The results of two experiments, imitating the tragedy of the Malaysian airliner destruction on July 17, 2014 in the skies over Ukraine, completely refute the Dutch Commission's conclusions on the type of missile and the place of its launch," - said speaking at a press conference, Director General of the "Almaz-Antey" AD concern, Ian Novikov. "Today we can definitely say that if the Malaysian Boeing "was shot down by a "Buk" anti-aircraft missile system, then it was hit by a 9M38 rocket from Zaroschinskoe village, that according to DPR militia on July 17, 2014 was under Ukrainian military control"- said Novikov. He recalled that "the first experiment's data was passed to the Dutch commission in early August, but due to the fact that, these materials have not been taken into consideration, the company decided to hold a second, larger scale natural experiment," - he said.

Novikov explained that "because of the lack of a decommissioned "Boeing-777" an IL-86 was used in the experiment, basically similar in structure and basic parameters with that of "Boeing 777."

"The experiment was held on October 7, 2015. Its terms were identical to the conclusions made in the draft final report of the Dutch committee, that is, the 9M38M1 missile with double-t shape submunition was shot from the area of the village Snezhnoe," - said Novikov. Dutch experts violated key principles of investigation during their work - said the general director of "Almaz-Antey" holding - they made conclusions without reviewing all available data, including such granted by the Russian side. Instead of beginning to explore the nature of all injuries, and then drawing appropriate conclusions, the investigation group immediately claimed that Boeing was hit by "Buk" from a particular place. Of course, this is contrary to all the principles of an objective investigation,"- said Novikov.

According to Russian experts, their Dutch colleagues were incorrect when defining the submunitions found at the crash site. The actual simulation of the tragedy based on a scenario proposed by European experts helped to understand that the liner could not have been hit by 9M38 rocket: holes in the cabin don't match those left by double-t submunitions. In such case, the holes would've had the shape of a butterfly, rather than a simple rounded contour.

"Almaz-Antey" simulation showed that in case of a missile launch from Snezhnoe village, which was previously stated by the international commission the submunitions could not get into the engine and the plane's left wing, - said Mikhail Malyshevsky, chief designer adviser. "There have been three-dimensional modeling, he said. - We have made it possible to see clearly which submunitions hit the body of the plane. When starting missiles from Zaroschenskogo at least 22 fragments got in the left engine. The second version included modelling missile launch from Snezhnoe. Thus, when approaching on a collision course, no striking element could get into the left wing and left engine."

Earlier Malyshevsky said that the analysis of the photos made by international commission showed that not only the cabin, but the left wing and its stabilizer were damaged. Meanwhile "Almaz-Antei" simulation of a rocket launch from Snezhnoe village, according to the international commission showed that the plane suffered damage on the right side and the right cockpit glass, said Malyshevsky.

Malyshevsky also said that during the field experiment "Almaz-Antey" simulated the condition of an anti-aircraft missile on its 40th second of flight, focusing on International Commission's version of a launch from Snezhnoe. "Since we had considered the International Commission's vision of the launch, the missile would have been flying for 40 seconds before it would have hit the plane. Thus during the experiment the rocket was supposed to be in the same state as it would take after 40 seconds of flight.

Therefore, a 40-second rocket flight was simulated," - said "Almaz-Antey's" representative.

"Today we can say with certainty that if Boeing was hit by "Buk", then it was done by a 9M38 missile from Zaroschenskoe village." The last missile of this type was made in the USSR in 1986. According to the principal designer's decision the "safe period" for such missiles, including all prolongations, is 25 years. We have a report on this subject. After this period, their use has been prohibited, and rockets were excluded from Russian army use," - said Ian Novikov. This type of missiles remained in the Ukrainian army however. Is this not an answer to the question: "Who is to blame for MH17 crash?"

Lets add to the above another important fact. In June 2015 Russian "Almaz-Antey", a manufacturer of "Buk", published its expert's report on MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine, attended by experts who investigated the accident with the Russian "Siberia" aircraft, shot down by Ukrainian air defense over the Black Sea in 2001. According to the report, when the rocket hit the Boeing, that crashed in eastern Ukraine, submunitions hit the entire cabin from the cockpit to the tail, not from outside, but from inside of the cabin. They also reported that the missile that shot down MH17, could not be launched from Snezhnoe, as Ukrainian security officials stated.

Rosaviation also invited attention to another conclusion by our experts: if a rocket was launched from militia-controlled territory, it would have immediately been seen by radars in Russia's Rostov region, but there is no such data.

Russia is the only country that provided international experts with absolutely all available data on MH17 crash. While Kiev has not yet unveiled the most important information - even about the number of rockets in its army. The experts there have not recived any satellite imagery, which is often referred to by the US. Loud unsubstantiated statements heard from time to time in the world press, only hinder the investigation.

Summarizing everything said at the press conference, it can be stated that the results of a thorough investigation of Russian experts, based on life-scale modeling of the situation that led to the crash, completely refute the findings of  Dutch commission. Lets just hope that those are simply superficial, hasty and unprofessional.

But apparently, it's not just the lack of a professionalism. There is a clear unfairness and frankly, falsification, designed to put the blame on others, to blame for the tragedy of the Malaysian aircraft on DPR militia, throwing a "shadow of terrorism" over them and justifying the real perpetrators - Ukrainian military. It is not a secret, whose best interests are served by the Netherlands comission, because immediately after MH17 crash, even before any formal investigation, the United States began a frenzied media campaign, which aims to name Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk as the perpetrators of the tragedy. Biased material based on social network data, began to get posted frequently. And contrary to the spirit and requirements of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, cause of the disaster, as well as those guilty were named freely and openly.

The campaign, where all Western media is exerting pressure on the international commission to get the necessary conclusions, is still in full swing. But the press conference that took place in Moscow brings up compelling facts and evidence. Now one can clearly state that реуку are no secrets about MH17 crash.