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Tanks Withdrawn From Contact Line in East Ukraine

06.10.2015 10:22

According to a spokesman from the special operations headquarters stationed in the LPR, the majority of tanks on the line of contact in the eastern Ukrainian self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic has been withdrawn.

Yesterday the command from Sector A along with representatives from the OSCE made a summary of the first day of completing the additions to the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal of weaponry. The majority of T-64 and T-72 tanks has been withdrawn from the line of contact.

He said the remainder of the heavy weapons would be withdrawn throughout the day on Tuesday and anti-tank guns would then be withdrawn.

This stage is planned to be completed today and the withdrawal of D-48 and D-44 anti-tank guns with calibers of 85mm and 82 mm shells from the line of contact will soon begin.