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ISIS Terrorists Will Strike US Soon

05.10.2015 15:16

Sunday Express referring to their "agent" in the "Islamic State" terrorist group said that currently more than four thousand ISIS fighters arrived in European countries as refugees.

According to the official newspaper, gunmen went to EU to carry out terrorist attacks. The agent also noted that terrorists have come to Europe via Turkish smugglers. His words were confirmed by two refugee smugglers. One of them said that he personally helped more than a dozen fighters to enter Europe under the guise of asylum-seekers. According to him, some terrorists are sent to the territory of the EU to check on their families, and others to prepare operations on EU territory, and possibly even in the US.

According to official migration control figures the number of illegal immigrants to EU in the first half of 2015 amounted to 340 thousand people. This figure has almost doubled compared to the same period in 2014. According to some reports, women, children and the elderly make up only a quarter of that number.

Recently, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Andrei Anokhin appealed to the parliaments of 28 EU countries with a proposal to send some of the refugees from the Middle East to US. The MP is confident that in this way responsibility for the crisis will be divided between all participants.

According to Anokhin, "Russia together with Europe should not become a hostage of US' geopolitical interests" and therefore also offers EU "to adjust immigration policy" and to establish "full control over migration processes," while excluding "the use of military force."

In the US, the treatment of refugees from Syria is quite ambiguous. Thus, the US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, billionaire Donald Trump said today that if he gets elected he will send Syrian refugees out of his country.

There is, however, another opportunity for ISIS fighters to get into the United States - namely, simply return to the "homeland". One has to recall the wave of immigrants from Middle East flooding at the time when ISIS was just beginning to emerge. Most of them are descendants of Muslims who earlier emigrated to Western countries, which results in them having a number of complexes, eagerly exploited by terrorist organizations' recruiters.

You cannot ignore the possibility of terrorists getting into US just by being citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Turkey, who are also widely presented among Islamic terrorists. Despite the fact that US intelligence agencies certainly can identify the chiefs of armed groups, the penetration of suicide bombers, motivated either by Western countries coalition' bombing, or the fact that the US refused to provide ISIS with enough weapons is quite feasible.