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Obama Claimed That The U.S. Continue To Support Syrian “opposition”

03.10.2015 13:37

During a press conference President Barack Obama said the US will continue to support the Syrian opposition.

According to the American leader, Vladimir Putin doesn’t distinguish between the "Islamic State" militants and the Syrian opposition.

"We will not cooperate with the Russian campaign only for trying to destroy anyone who bothered to Assad’s behavior and inspires a disgust. We deny Russia’s theory that everyone who is against Assad is a terrorist. We think that this theory is losing, it will lead (Russia) into a quagmire", — Obama said.

On September 30, the Upper House of the Russian Parliament approved a request from President Putin to use Russian combat forces abroad. Later that day, Russian combat jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces launched airstrikes against ISIL in Syria.

Over the last three days, Russian jets have conducted several dozen raids and destroyed numerous ISIL facilities, including command points, training grounds, communication facilities as well as ammo and fuel depots.