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Russia and US Should Coordinate Efforts to Solve Syrian Crisis

03.10.2015 13:35

On September 30 Russian Aerospace Defense Forces launched air support for Assad's government forces and inflicted airstrikes ISIS militants. Earlier, Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq announced the creation of an information center in Baghdad to coordinate the fight against "Islamic state".

According to a senior lecturer of the Department of Political Science of HSE Leonid Isaev, it is necessary to coordinate efforts with the United States to solve the Syrian issue. "The Syrian crisis is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon. We and the Americans occupy very different positions on it's key aspects: the future of Syrian regime, the future of Assad and the "Baas" party, possible political reforms, "moderate" Syrian opposition. However, Russia and US are quite sure that ISIS is an enemy to fight. In this regard, it would be much more important to focus on those points within the Syrian crisis that unite us," - said the scientist. - It is necessary that Russia and US would carry air strikes against ISIS, whereas the Americans should not pin down the Syrian government forces, and we - the so called "moderate" Syrian opposition. I think it would be right and would help avoid misunderstandings and informational interference by the West against Russia."

At the same time, the expert drew attention to the risks involved with current Russian policy in Syria. "There are many participants of the Syrian conflict, who have different interests and involve more resources to achieve their goals. These are closely intertwined. It is believed that Assad and his army are fighting against ISIS, - the expert said. - But the problem is that, in addition to Assad and ISIS iTurkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and US are also involved . By supporting Assad, we touch interests of all these players. It is obvious that the conflict will drag, and it's unlikely to be limited to the territory of Syria and Iraq. If we take any side, you should understand that we may have to fight not only with the ISIS."