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Rokot Carrier Puts Three Satellites Into Orbit

24.09.2015 11:24

The military satellites launched from the Plesetsk space center with the help of the Rokot carrier rocket early on Thursday have been successfully put into orbit, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson informed journalists.

"The light-class Rokot carrier rocket successfully put into orbit at the designated time three Russian Defense Ministry space vehicles," the spokesperson said.

The Rokot rocket was launched from the Plesetsk facility in northwestern Russia at 01:00 Moscow time on Thursday, September 24.

The Rokot launch vehicle, developed by the Russian state-run Khrunichev Center, is a modification of the RS-18 (SS-19 Stiletto) two-stage ballistic missile that is being decommissioned from Russia's Strategic Missile Forces.

The Rokot carrier rocket has been successfully launched from the Plesetsk facility 23 times since its first launch on May 16, 2000.