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Immigrant Jailed After Demanding Deportation From UK

24.09.2015 10:55

The unnamed 25-year-old man who has lived in Manchester for the past ten years walked into a Manchester police station on Monday night and demanded to be deported back home to Iran because he couldn't stand the city.

His explanation didn't impress detective sergeant David Henshall, who was on duty at the time of the incident, and at first couldn't understand what was going on, as he was taken aback by the man's flurried behavior.

It was more than just a case of homesickness. As soon as he walked in, Henshall said, he burst out in a tirade about ten years of frustration with Manchester. The man, in fact, made so much noise by throwing his bike around and banging on the enquiry counter that additional officers went down to see what the fuss was about.

"I'm sure Iran is a beautiful place…" Henshall told the Independent. "But we couldn't find out what had been going on because he just was not listening."

Eventually, the unruly man was arrested for breaching the peace and was sent, not to Iran, but to one of the station's cells — far from what he was striving for. At 8 PM the same evening he was released from custody, and immigration services will now look into the situation.