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Putin Open To Dialogue With US Despite Tensions

21.09.2015 14:23

Current relations between the United States and Russia could be better, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has said several times that he is ready to move relations between the two countries to a better position, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday.

"The president himself has said several times that he is open to any contacts that would provide for mutually understanding in bilateral relations and bringing Russian-American relations from its current level, which could be better," Peskov told journalists.

Following the reunification of Crimea with Russia in March 2014 and an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis later that year, Russia's relations with the West, including the United States, deteriorated. The reunification sparked international controversy, with Kiev and a number of Western states labeling the process an "annexation."

The West has blamed Russia for interfering with Ukraine's internal affairs and, as a punitive measure, imposed several rounds of sanctions against Moscow.

Russia has repeatedly refuted the allegations of involvement in the Ukraine conflict and has repeatedly expressed its readiness to resume cooperative dialogue with Western partners; jointly addressing a number of urgent global issues, including counter-terrorism and a resolution to the ongoing Syrian civil war.