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Russian and Chinese Naval Capabilities Frighten US

17.09.2015 15:40

China and Russia's increasing confidence and modernizing military are concerning, and even disconcerting, said the head of the US Air Force in the Pacific, Gen. Lori Robinson.

During the Air Force Association conference Robinson said, "I get incredibly concerned about the capability gap decreasing between the US and other nations. That technology gap continues to get smaller and smaller, and for us that should be very disconcerting."

Robinson said that increased Russia's long-range aviation complicates US strategy further.

"They're allowed to fly in that airspace. It's international airspace," Robinson noted. "But it's new" that the Russians are exercising that right, Robinson said.

Talking about what 'concerns' her about China, she said that Chinese aren't just interested in US technology but are also interested in US people.