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Norwegians Want Anti-Russia Sanctions Lifted

17.09.2015 12:05

Even though Norway joined the western sanctions imposed on Russia for its alleged role in the Ukrainian crisis, Oslo still tries to maintain good-neighborly relations with Moscow, a Norwegian newspaper wrote.

The revival of the Cold War-era confrontation with Russia has seriously undermined Norway's economy with revenues from the export of fish, seafood and oil and gas technology demonstrating a notable drop compared to the pre-sanctions period.

Forced to toe the general western line of alienating Russia, Oslo is still trying to keep its cooperation with Moscow as much alive as it possibly can, the Klassekampen daily newspaper wrote on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Norway and Russia reached agreement on joint notification procedures in the event of a nuclear accident.

Norwegian Coast Guard representatives recently visited Archangelsk, and the Arctic Economic Council that opened in Tromso earlier this week features Russia as one of its main participants.

It may not be long before the anti-Russian sanctions become history, primarily for economic, rather than political reasons, the newspaper noted.

With the situation is eastern Ukraine now stabilizing and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko saying that the ceasefire is taking hold and no casualties registered since September 1, the chances of lifting the sanctions look pretty real.